Gabriella Law Office


Support Tailored To

Foreign Companies

We assist businesses established abroad looking into Ethiopia’s market either through a joint venture agreement, establishment of a subsidiary, a branch or an independent company, with full services including conducting legal due diligence, advising on investment law, drafting company documents and execution of legal matters before public offices.


Our office has an excellent experience in providing legal assistance to startups in reviewing their agreements with funders including shareholders agreements and company documents. We have tailor made services provided in forms of drafting founder’s agreement that anchors the relationship between the co-founders on strong foundation. We also engage in representing drafting articles of association, service agreement, and employment agreements.


Ethiopian employment law has unique features with stringent rules. Any employer, be it local or foreign investor needs to have a meticulously drafted employment agreement and work rules. Training managerial and non-managerial staff members on the employment law enables to avoid disputes.

Ethiopian Diaspora

Ethiopia launched a comprehensive diaspora policy in 2015 with the aim of attracting remittance, investment and skill transfer as well as ensuring protection to the members of diaspora. Thirteen years prior to that Ethiopia, adopted proclamation 270/2002 to provide rights to foreign citizens of Ethiopia origin. Our law office provides tailor made advisory, legal drafting and representation services for Ethiopian diaspora in areas of investment and business laws, litigation, company law, and law of contract.